About Us

Our Story

FotoMoto Tours, was conceived by, Travis de Clifford, an Australian professional advertising photographer with over 20 years experience. His passion for moto travel started early. His first vehicle license was a motorbike license...of course. He's explored India, Sri Lanka, South East Asia and Japan on motorbikes.

Travis' 5 years in tertiary photo education has also contributed to the idea of sharing the visual, cultural and historical beauty of Japan to adventurers and image makers of any level.

He's travelled all over the world to capture other cultures, surf, explore and ride motorbikes. Over the past 19 years he's consistently visited Japan. In the last decade he's also travelled there twice yearly to continue his study of, Jissen Kobudo Jinenkan, a samurai art, with his Australian students to train with his personal teacher, Unsui Sensei. These trips have exposed him to many cultural and scenic treasures of Japan.

As a motorcycle enthusiast, professional photographer and lover of Japan, he is now combining his passions in order to share them in this unique way.

Our Vision

This is not just another tour. This is a turning point in the lives of those who take the plunge to experience an adventure and leave the routines and repetitions of their everyday lives.

FotoMoto Tours are lead personally by, Travis. His dream and passion for sharing this unique, two wheeled adventure is a personal undertaking, not just a business. His hope is that each guest comes away with a better understanding of their image capture skills along with the beautiful and intricate traditions & cultures of Japan. Oh, and a hell of a time riding the amazing roads you'll find here!

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