Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come along with my partner if I don't ride?

Of course.  If you would rather come along to take amazing photos while your partner rides the majestic roads, not a problem.  There is a reduced cost for non-riding partners.

I don't have my motorbike license!

For Victorians (and possibly all other states except W.A), the tour price includes free motorbike testing that we will book for you if your license has expired or you've never ridden before.

What license do I need to ride in Japan?

You need a valid Australian motorcycle license (learners permits are fine) and an International Drivers Permit 1949 Convention. Your IDP can be purchased from any RACV office.

Do I need to learn the road rules for Japan?

You’ll be pleased to know the Japanese drive on the same side of the road to Australia (left), but it is necessary for you to familiarise yourself with some of the more common road signs and local road customs. Follow this link but there will also be a handout of some things to look out for in your Welcome Pack.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, you must purchase your own travel insurance before you can start the tour with us.

Can I hire my bike gear?

Yes, the rental company we use have almost everything you need, except boots and pants. They hire gloves, jackets and helmets.

Do I need to carry my own luggage on the bike?

No, all your luggage will be carried in the support van. You may bring a small tank bag or back for your use while riding if you wish.

Are meals included?

Only breakfast is included. Lunch and dinner are your choice of venue and personal tastes. We don't all have to spend every second together if you'd rather have a quiet dinner or drink with your travel companions.

Can I choose which bike I ride?

Yes, you can make a change from the standard 400cc - 700cc bikes there are to choose from. Just contact us directly once you’ve paid your deposit and we will go over the other options for you.

Can I upgrade my accommodation?

Yes, you can make a change from the standard Japanese room we organise for you. Just contact us directly once you’ve paid your deposit.  Our accommodation is mostly traditional Ryokan (think western B&B).  All Ryokans have an onsite Onsen to relax tired muscles after a days ride and there are options to request a western style room.

What sort of bike gear should I wear?

The temperature can vary from 11C - 24C, depending on the time of year you choose to travel. Layers are important, so bring thermals if you have them. Leather jackets are best but whatever protective gear you have will do. Remember, “Dress for the slide, not the ride”.

What camera and lens should I bring?

I recommend you bring whatever digital camera body you own. Along with this, only one wide angle lens and one long lens, ie: 16mm-35mm (wide), and 80mm-300mm (long), approx. It doesn’t matter if these are zoom lenses or fixed lenses. I don’t advise you to bring every lens you own. Travel light and simplify your options so you can shoot more intuitively. Be sure to have a lens hood and a UV filter for both lenses.

Should I bring a tripod?

No, you won’t need one in most scenarios, but if you have a monopod, you could consider bringing it. I can teach you some handy tricks to get by without one.

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